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All other choices have failed miserably in their attempts to control, influence and hold hostage the district, the students and the community. It is time for change and reform. It is time for innovation and new ideas. The board, Walker and the union need to support Suggs. They must work to find solutions and not continue to be part of the problem.
I think that at this point a Joint Executive Committee made up of teachers, education support personnel, and administrators, along with a parent liaison would be the best choice for leading the district. The District obviously isn't going to be successful with a Superintendent from outside, nor is the School Board going to be able to evoke change because they have neither the educational background necessary nor the stability.
That Walker is focused on what is best for poor black kids is laughable at best. You seriously have not been following deseg if you think this. Unions have negotiated the district into policies and spending that are not best for kids and destroy the chance of having great schools. Read the union contract for yourself and ask if you could lead effectively given all the rules and boundaries. Let Dr. Suggs LEAD!!!
Mildly lean towards John Walker and his focus on kids at risk, but I disagree with him on school choice. While vouchers and other school choice options are imperfect, we have to help the individual children we can help while we try to fix the bigger system. The two worst problems in education are the funding through property taxes that by design create inequality and teacher tenure which promotes complacency.
From what I've read, Dr. Suggs is on the right track. However, I hear he's experiencing difficulties with four of the Little Rock School Board. He wants teachers held accountable and they want the "status quo - let's keep doing things as they are now". Little Rock children deserve a better education than they are receiving now and it's the school board's responsibility along with Dr. Suggs to see that this happens. Keep the attorneys OUT of this,
LRSD needs someone who has genuine leadership skills and can stand up to the teachers' union, lawyers and political pressure to implement real change that will benefit students.
Anyone given ample support from full community could lead the LRSD.
I've simply given up on LRSD. My youngest finishes at Robert's this year and will join her sister in private schools. We aren't wealthy but had to make choices and adjust our lifestyle. We tried public middle(Mann) and found it to be to violent of an environment for our children. Our daughter was exposed to behaviors and violations a parent would hope their children would never be exposed to. I will say she loved her band director!
I am a parent in West Little Rock. Give us a great Middle School and High School like the new Elementary School Don Roberts and we would send our children there. Until then, we will continue to send our children to private schools.

Also, I don't feel like the school board has a balanced view. Often times there opinions do not represent my opinions. I also feel like the elections for school board should be during the regular elections. More "lay people" would vote, not just special interest groups.
LRSD has been given many years and opportunities to adequately serve the population of Little Rock; they have failed miserably on every level. The district is plagued by nepotism, misdirection and a clear lack of focus on students and their futures. I think it is about time the entrenched administration and archaic philosophies that appear to be driving policies and practices throughout the district are replaced. The current driving forces in LRSD appear to be more concerned with appearances than real achievement; in actual fact an administrator at Central High School told me that "perception is reality" when I interviewed for teaching position, I feel this is the underlying problem throughout LRSD.
A combination of the School Board and the Superintendent, working together.
Hasn't it been somewhat proven we can't trust anyone?
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